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For this reason eiTRAVEL is keen to get feedback also from travel and information experts! To date, these are the newspapers that have intended to give us a space in their newspapers to talk about us, our business and our passion.


What people say about us

Stefano Nigro
These two weeks have flown together, full of emotions and new adventures. It was an amazing, incredible experience. I thank everyone who made this possible: Nicolas Verderosa, our Gruop Leader was formidable! I shared all my motions and established a beautiful bond. My Host Family who has always been available at any time. Special thanks go to my family who has always believed in me and who made all this possible with sacrifice. Thank you very much to everyone who, with a small gesture, made this experience magnificent! Stefano Nigro - Student
Angelo Di Paola
Positive holiday on several points of view: on the one hand you can learn / improve your skills in a language that is now universal and therefore important, on the other, thanks to the social programs organized by the school, you can get to know and connect with kids from all over the world. Moreover, it is a unique life experience in that you are hosted by host families and you are facing a new reality that can offer education and culture to those who want to expand their horizons. I repeated the experience for 3 consecutive years! Absolutely to do! Educational and fun! Angelo Di Paola - Student
Luca Chieffo
This was my first eiTRAVEL trip, I went two weeks to England. It was a truly exciting journey! I have met many interesting people from other countries and have made a very strong bond with my travel companions. The excursions were exciting and I think London is a beautiful city! Luca Chieffo - Student

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